start stop every five minutes or so

  • last couple of weeks everything i view has stopped and restarted every 5 mins or so without fail
    has anyone else encountered this?

  • Yup this just started happening to me as well. Nothings changed on my end. Tried rebooting everything with same result. doesn't matter which video or files type either. It happends exactly every five minutes. Sucks big time.

  • and no replies to email asking for help. weird. i wonder whats going on behind the scenes....

  • @hopeless

    Its happenning to me as well...

  • Same here. Every five minutes pause with slight rollback. With every video and chromecast, pc and router restarts do not help. I'm not sure but I think around the time when pausing started I updated my Windows 10 with Creators update. Maybe this affected, but again, not sure if issues started after update. Casting from other apps working fine.

  • @NeoFlux

    Yup, I think it has to do with Windows 10 update. Mine also started having issues after the update.

  • @astrocity wonder why nothing from developers.... last tie i had an issue .... many many moons ago, they were all helpful and all... now not a peep from anyone

  • also having this issue. Would be nice to find out what can be done.

  • another characteristic of this bug is if you pause media it will un-pause itself and just resume playing after a few minutes.. perhaps its the same "pulse" that causes it to restart every few minutes

  • Yes another issue with this is the pause not working. feels related. please FIX this ASAP so annoying when watching. Also I have uninstalled videostream then uninstalled chrome, rebooted, reinstalled chrome then installed VS . = same 5 min buffer interuption every 5 mins abouts.

  • and of coarse rebooted all routers and switched related to the same network. I guess next im going to try chrome app from different computer.

  • I'm really surprised this has still not been responded to by the Devs. Same problems here.

  • Got the same error here. Happened after the Win 10 Creator update. So annoying

  • @Kimsern said in start stop every five minutes or so:

    Got the same error here. Happened after the Win 10 Creator update. So annoying

    I have actually noticed that the computer screen will refresh right before the error happens

  • Hey all, just making a post on the main forum to pin. This forum is not actively maintained anymore (all the links were removed from in the app) and we don't look at it. We have a full time support staff at this point who will work one-on-one on every issue via email and you can reach him at team at

    Don't worry, we're still putting in a massive dev effort on VS! This forum was great when we were a couple people in a living room and we were hoping all our great videostreamers could help each other, but as we've grown to a larger team of 5 with dedicated support, it's was easier for them to work on problems one by one, as this community never really grew into what we were hoping it would.

    That said, our big secret project for the past while has been a brand new, ground-up version of Videostream! It gives us more power that ever before to build cool new features on top of, and gives us more power to avoid buffering by transcoding videos faster for the chromecast to read! If you want to try that out, sign up at ;)

  • After windows creator update, I got exactly the same issue, every exactly 5 exact minutes, the stream stop, buffer for 2 second and start again from 2 seconds before the stop, that for every single movie, file format, and never ever had an issue with videostream to cast even 6Gb files, now it struggles with that issue even with 350mb 45minutes videos.
    The 5 exact minutes it's also an indicator that maybe it isn't the connection or my pc problem but some bug introduced with windows update.
    Thanks for helping.

  • its been a very long time since i watched a movie without interruptions ...especially as i am an early adopter (windows fast ring) shame no fix. real shame

  • Again, these forums are no longer supported so please contact via email in future :)

    The 5 minute issues (crashes and buffering) are caused by AVG and Avast on the new windows update and how they interact with chrome. There's nothing we can do at this point :( but to fix the problem you can disable your antivirus or put an exception in for chrome, and then reboot chrome with chrome://restart!

  • after many months this problem appears to have been sorted by the latest windows update or chrome or whatever, but i noticed it all ok since last fast ring windows Build 15208

  • @hopeless I had the same issue of buffering every XX minutes and fixed it. As suggested by the admin below, email the team for any issue but it's most likely an antivirus scanning chrome and causing buffering. In my case it was AVG, I re-configured it liked highlighted on the page below and restarted chrome (chrome://restart or you can restart PC). After that AVG is still protecting my PC and the videos dont buffer anymore so it worked. Thanks VS for a great product (just sad this issue is not handled in the software/setup).


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