Is it safe to trade in forex market without any forex tips?

  • Is it safe to trade in forex market without any forex tips?

  • It is, but you should be careful jumping into investing into any stocks without understanding their concept, use and the market overall. I find that most people who respond to this questions are simply shilling stocks they have invested into. Firstly check this turtle strategy trading there you can find many useful info! Hope it will work for you. Cheers

  • No matter how much you know or how skillful you are, there is a difference between trading with $5000 account and $50,000 account.

    If you start with $5000 and follow good risk management and good trading plan, you can grow your capital gradually with profits. In a few years, you may have enough capital and expertise to trade for a living.

    I know a few traders who make between $5000 to $50,000 every month. But it is not strictly consistent. They have also seen months in which they barely got any profit at all.

    Forex is not like any Pyramid scheme.

  • Of course, especially if you don't have the brains to figure out that this is all nonsense.

  • I would not categorically deny the use of cryptocurrency and trading. I think that all this makes sense and can also become a good source of income. On the website, you can read much more detailed information than I can explain to you in 2 words. I advise you to follow the link and read more.

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