Video Stuttering

  • I just got this all set up in my house and first and foremost, thank you. I love this program and my chromecast.

    Issue I am having is that things will play fine, but after some time usually about 15-25 minutes into a cast, I the video will stop playing on my tv. when i go back to my desktop in my office, it says looks like your video is stuttering and says something about changing the quality. I can fix it every time by hitting the quality button and I usually just hit original quality and then hit play and the video begins playing like normal. Is there something that can be done about this or is this like the other video stuttering problem that someone else had? I thought at first it was my wifi acting up but, like i said, i can fix it every time with the method i described. any suggestions?

  • @AceRockola to add, i try to hit play and pause a few times on my tablet/phone app to see if that will nudge it playing again but those attempts are always futile. just wanted to give more info. maybe if there was a quality selection on the app, i could fix that problem while in front of the tv instead of having to get up. but if you could fix the problem altogether, that would be great as well. again thanks for any help.

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