Playlist enhancements (playlist files, play from mobile app, reordering)

  • I have other software that manages my music playlists and which produces M3U files. I would like to be able to point VideoStream at the M3U file and have it play the set. Meaning, if the M3U changes, I shouldn't have to rebuild the playlist in VideoStream as well. (I'd imagine other playlist formats such as PLS would be good to support, too.)

    I was also disappointed that I couldn't use the mobile app (iOS) to select one of the playlists on my connected computer and begin playback. I still must use the desktop to start the music.

    Finally, a small thing. The playlists cannot be reordered once they are entered, not even alphabetically. This makes me averse to enter more than a few.

    Thanks for your great product!

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