HomeAssistant || API

  • Read the topic as a logical OR (not XOR!): It'd be awesome if we could have integration into something like Home Assistant or at the very least a documented API someone could use to implement that integration. The ideal implementation would provide for media details (including artwork if present) along with playback control.

    To be clear on the hypothetical topic of "why use the VS app when you can just use HA?": HA doesn't support anything beyond metadata and controlling basic seek/play/pause/next_track/prev_track/stop. HA doesn't (and I suspect won't ever) have a media library feature, meaning the intention is to control an existing media player with no knowledge if the contents of the playlist other than metadata of the currently playing media. In other words, it's a "late-90s CD player": it presents the metadata and provides controls to seek/play/pause/next_track/prev_track/stop.

    Personally, I'm only interested in the "late-90s CD player" analogy above. In terms of implementation, I don't think it'd be that difficult considering you already implement all parts of the scope I outlined via private APIs.

  • @r0ssar00 Yes! Many features I might request would not be needed if I can use an API to trigger playback functionality in my own way.

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