How to make the most of the Black Friday flow?

  • Brazilian Black Friday already has a captive place in the calendar of big dates for retail. Since 2010, the event has been growing, and the expectation for this year, according to Google, is for a 15% to 20% increase in sales compared to 2016. Although, this year, the date has divided opinions as it is too close at christmas, the fact is that 68% of those surveyed intend to buy something during the sales period.

    We have separated three tips for tenants who intend to participate in promotions.

    Unique opportunity

    The Brazilian economy is recovering, but the consumer still suffers from indebtedness, low purchasing power and unemployment. Settlements can be the way out for that customer to be attracted to stores again. However, it is essential that he perceives the opportunity as something unique, unmissable.

    For this, it is worth adjusting the event's strategies and disclosure. Big discounts should be applied to relevant items, and the duration of the event should also create a sense of urgency.

    Real discounts

    Who doesn't remember the fiascos of the first Black Fridays in Brazil? Several stores were accused of “putting on makeup” the original prices of the products to increase the discount amount, which generated serious complaints at Procon. Another criticism is that many of the discounts are not expressive, mischaracterizing the event and even becoming a joke.

    Fortunately, negative manifestations are in the minority. Google's research revealed that only just 8% of online comments about the date last year were negative. 55% of the comments are usually positive (praising discounts and prices) and 37% are neutral (just attest to the existence of the event).

    To attract this consumer who intends to shop on the date, it is essential to think that he is much more attentive than he was a few years ago. The secret is to find the balance. Select products in stock that are relevant and have scope to generate results. This means eliminating the need to lie to the public, but without the danger of failing to make a profit.

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    End of the year

    If, on the one hand, there are those who believe that Black Friday “empties” Christmas because it happens close to the date, there are those who believe that proximity is positive. At the end of the year, with the 13th and the bonus coming, the consumer is more likely to make big purchases. An unmissable promotion can be the motivation that this customer needs.

    What's more, Black Friday serves as a marketing opportunity. Visiting the store before the celebration period, the visitor takes the opportunity to learn about the possibilities and conditions of purchase for the festive dates. Take the opportunity, therefore, to exhibit the best of your store.


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