How to use time

  • It is now generally accepted that children are overwhelmed: there is a lot of work at school, a lot of extra classes, a huge part of the time and energy is spent on the road.

    Both teenagers and adults living in a big city are overwhelmed with both real tasks (study, work, extra work and activities) and unlimited opportunities offered by the metropolis. But I also want to find time for family, friends, hobbies. An important skill that needs to be developed for both adults and students is called the "skill of choice" - the ability to refuse something, including necessary and attractive. This is important not only for planning the day, but in general for the feeling of life: to choose what I notice in life, what feelings I fill it with.

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    In class, we train to choose and develop the ability to separate important matters from unimportant, urgent from urgent. And plan your day so that important things are done on time, normally and enjoy the work done. At the same time, ideally, important things should not become urgent: if we are constantly working to complete urgent cases, while pushing others, which also become urgent as a result, we enter into a meaningless race without noticing the day is full. postpone homework and then order an, because there is a day left before the delivery and he did not have time.

    There is a difficult point here, which is that the list of "important things" from the adolescent's point of view does not always coincide with what parents or teachers mean by this concept. But insisting on their own, adults will not get the result, children may no longer order work in the and perform on their own, but they will not learn to manage their time, and learn to be diligent.

    What should parents do when they see a problem and want to help their child learn to manage time?
    Many parents are looking for universal recommendations, but they are not there - every child is very individual: one is supported by something, while the other, on the contrary, is disorganized. Parents must admit that they can no longer directly manage the teenager's time. This does not mean that you have to leave everything to chance: figure it out yourself. They should give advice, share their experience, be persistent, but most importantly, set an example themselves. The fact is that teenagers themselves really want to do everything, you need to tell them that there are techniques, there are people who know how to learn how to manage time, and learn this together.

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