Buffering EXACTLY every 5 min

  • Hi everyone, been using videostream for a couples of months and never had any issues until this week, everytime i watch something i get buffereing Exactly EVERY FIVE MINUTES. I dont know why, i dont know what as changed... pls help.

    Before any of you ask my computer iss way stronger than what needed and so is my internet connection like i said before..never had any issues before this week.

  • I also had this for a bit, and I found that it was specific to a few MP4's that I got. I haven't had that problem since though, so it's hard to tell if it was VideoCast or the MP4's that I was streaming....

    Hope this helps.

  • watched about a full serie that i downloaded episode by episode ( just saying the chances that they were all the same format is pretty weak)
    Plus we checked a couple of films.. dont think its the format or i ended up beeing really really bad lucky.

  • Yup this just started happening to me as well. Nothings changed on my end. Tried rebooting everything with same result. doesn't matter which video or files type either. Exactly every 5 mins. come on guys fix this.

  • add me to the list. very annoying its become... and unusually no response from the team.

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