Vertical Blinds In NZ

  • With different types of Vertical Blinds to choose from, it can certainly be a daunting trying to find the right one for your home. The number of benefits to each vertical blinds design is vast, and any information is helpful in your decision making. At Cedar Blinds Specialists, we provide vertical blinds Auckland wide that deliver the ultimate in light control. Each of our blinds has a 180-degree pivoting that ensures maximum control over direct sunlight while still allowing enough to light up your room. These blinds come in a range of colours, allowing you to match any décor. All of our vertical blinds are made of fabrics that not only blocks out the sun, as it also repels water and dirt while having an added resistance to straining. Because these blinds stand vertically, these are less likely to collect dust compared to traditional horizontal blinds. Each of our vertical blinds is self-aligning and is drawn by a polyester cord or runs on carriers with wheels that guarantee a smooth and easy operation. Additionally, our blinds have a strong aluminium head rail for extra strength and support. All of its components are UV resistant; the vertical blinds that we offer are guaranteed to last a long time.

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