Reinstalling Windows = No Longer Premium Account?

  • -Bought Lifetime Access to Videostream in April, still have the email receipt.
    -Had to reinstall Windows 10 a few months ago, installed chrome, the VS plug-ins, the Network fixer, signed into the appropriate email address, go the the Premium Account window, click "have already" and it tells me "Sorry, can't find it...", so I email their team email address. --This is what I get back:

    Hi Patrick!
    Sorry about that! 3 things to try! Make sure you're logged into chrome with the email account you paid on. Next go into the buy premium menu and click already have premium. Last if that doesn't work, log out of chrome and back in!
    Let me know if that helps :D

    -Clearly as stated above, I had already done most of those troubleshooting things and also done the other things mentioned as well.
    -Still nothing has changed, still no Premium Account found.
    -I have since emailed videostream 2x after that, both with no response. I went to these forums wondering if anyone else has had these problems. It appears there have been, yet no one from VS has answered them.
    -I don't want to speak ill of them as I like their service, however, I have paid for something that I'm not getting and I am getting extremely frustrated, especially since I've been quite patient with the company. If anyone VS-associated or not knows any answer in the form of an technical solution, I would greatly appreciate it. I guess if I don't get a response soon, I'll just email every single person with the email address.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I'm having a similar issue.
    New computer, go to the "Already Premium". It checks and nothing happens, not even "you're not Premium".


    I think I'd be glad if I could "sign in" somewhere and not have that autochecker that is obviously not working for us.

  • @sschaffrath Yeah, it's pretty unfortunate. I actually did what I said I would do if I got no response, which was email all the developers the other day. Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), none of them have gotten back to me. Maybe they have no solution and their only way to "respond" is to not respond at all; maybe they think the problem will fix itself and/or we are out of the money that we paid for the premium service. At the very minimum, I would like at least some further form of acknowledgement that this is an issue that they are currently working out. Is that too much to ask?

  • well i see i am not the only person with this problem, mine just happened suddenly, no new windows install. was working the night before then no premium account detected, i received the same "help" suggestions that did not resolve my issue. my emails to support go unanswered, seems this company is not capable of supporting its own product beyond amateur trouble shooting methods.
    i was very satisfied with the product, i purchased lifetime subscription just to have the feature of creating playlists. now i am trying to decide to purchase it again, however, i am concerned that this will happen again and i will be stiffed for another fee.

  • Facing the same problem, I am registered as a monthly plan and now it keeps charging me and even I can't stop this charging and I can't login by any mean !

    Just when click on "Already premium?" it loads for a while and then nothing !!

  • @atarekosman That's pretty disturbing. I thought I saw other accounts of this happening to others as I was scouring this community forum for my own answers. I would definitely call your bank/service and put a stop payment on the reoccurring charge and talk to them about the situation. VS won't be able to take more money from you .. and after all, are they actually going to communicate then? Hah! @Ebuzz It's just really embarrassing that they hold no accountability for what is happening. At least give people SOME of their money back if they can't fix it, yet they can't even be bothered to respond. However, trust me, I have given thoughts on doing the same: buying the service again but have balked for the same reasons. I have since even looked through my google settings yet again to see if it's something on my end, but there just hasn't been anything different. Just have to do more research on an existing or hope for a future alternative app to satiate this particular need.

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