• The Chinese company has bought most of the shares of SoftCell "" the studio that developed video games such as Clash of Clans or Clash Royale "" for about 7 billion euros.
    The Chinese company Tencent, creator of the WeChat application and the famous alternative to WhatsApp (QQ) , has acquired the majority of shares in SuperCell, the studio that created the video game Clash of Clans , for about 8 billion dollars (approximately 7 billion dollars). euros) .

    SuperCell, the Japanese studio that created Clash of Clans , had long been looking for ways to reduce expenses and debt, as well as encourage capital inflows and restructuring of priorities. In fact, SoftBank "" the company that owns SuperCell so far "" owns a part of Alibaba, and plans to sell it also for about 8 billion dollars (7 billion euros approximately).

    Tencent has acquired the studio that created Clash of Clans as part of its expansion strategy in the video game market. For example, the company already owns Riot Games "" the company that created League of Legends , one of the most important PC video games so far "" and has closed the deal with SoftBank to acquire the majority of SuperCell shares. , a study that considers key for the creation of Clash of Clans (after all, this game is still one of the most important video games for mobile platforms today).

    In addition to the successful Clash of Clans , SuperCell is also the studio responsible for the creation of other games such as Clash Royale , Boom Beach and Hay Day , also quite important although they were not as successful as their star creation.

    A few days ago we had the opportunity to analyze the main news that the latest update of Clash of Clans brought , where we found "" for example "" the possibility of participating in friendly matches, as well as new content. Thus, upon reaching level 9 of the town hall, a new type of troop can be created: the baby dragon. It is a detail that was already available in Clash Royale and that is very beneficial in battles.

    In addition, the game now allows you to edit distributions in an easier way, donate spells and troops that are in the production queue "" even when the army is full "" or move elements in the middle of the production process without losing anything of your progress. In the context menu we also find new options, and gems also have new uses.

    As for the balance changes "" very important to adapt to the players and guarantee the success of a strategy game "", it stands out for example that the cannon will be able to reach level 14 in the town hall of level 11, while the hound of lava will be level 4. For its part, the bombastic balloon will reach level 7 in this same town hall.

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