cover art, please?

  • Hi. Sorry for my bad english.

    1: Great work. VS is by far the best. Congrats.

    2: The only thing I'd ask would be the showing of cover art from videos in the app. It's not just a matter of aestethics, but a practical issue in my case. I have a folder with 100+ movies for my 4 yo son. The little bastard streams stuff form his tablet to the TV (youtube, games, etc) like a boss. But when he tries to play a movie... well, he can't read yet. Titles are meaningless for him, he needs pictures in order to choice.

    Thank you for your wonderful work, boys.

  • @sebasss Hey I have the same idea and I could imagine building a really nice library with cover art. But where would the images come from? Downloaded from I could see that working, there would just need to be a clear option to activate / deactivate it.
    +1 for a good idea though it requires some extra work and overhead

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