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    Do not use any de-icing fluids, salts or other substances on your new concrete sidewalks or stamped concrete. These can damage the finish of the concrete, and cause pits and gouging. With that said, you should remove as much of the snow and ice as possible, and if you need to add anything to help aid with traction, use sand.

  • If you’ve never seen stamped concrete before, you can view an example of the subway tile option by visiting styleproconcreteca and scrolling down closer to the bottom of the page, under the section labeled “Stamped Concrete”. Style Pro Concrete provides a service that allows you to get Stamped Concrete in Edmonton, in addition to providing other concrete services. One benefit to getting stamped concrete is having the ability to choose the pattern you desire that will fit your home best. It allows the inside of your home to flow into the outside of your home effortlessly.

  • At Alberta Renovations, we understand how important quality is. Quality relates to every aspect of our business and we ensure that translates to each and every project we do. cement companies Edmonton Whether it’s completing a driveway, patio, sidewalk, or repair, we guarantee top-notch quality. Our years of experience have allowed us to fine-tune our craft to ensure every concrete and construction service we offer the best quality within the industry.

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