[Developer Post] - Videostream Freezes the Tab (Antivirus/Firewall help)

  • Avast antivirus isnt on your list. We havent got any problem concerning the antivirus program before now.
    We only have problem that your program is registrating two name of our chromecast and not one, so that is a problem every time we want to see anything thru videostream, and that REALLY annoying.

  • @baker said:


    Hey Baker, if you update your cast extension it should be good to go! I think this was a bug on Google's side and they seem to have pushed a fix today to address this!

  • I always have to turn off ***

    • windows fire wall*** to run this program. I have installed the exceptions and opened the ports per your instructions. Your fix only worked for a week or two, yet I still pay for the development. Can you send the instructions as to how to open those ports again in windows fire wall.

    I ran the Home network troubleshooter several times, at last it said the time was out of sync, so I synced it and the problem seem to cleared up now.

    Windows Firewall 7 is not user friendly at all.

  • I have tried the various remedies to no avail. Is there any way someone might be able to give real-time chat assistance? Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Mike Lopez

  • @Jason-from-Videostream hi having trouble loading video have tried firewall tips but still no luck can you help my anti virus is malwarebytes

  • Hi, I'am writing from France , so be kind with my english !! I saw the topic about the virus. I have a Samsung Tab GT P5210 android 4.4.2 and AVG , Impossible to charge the files from my PC, after I've read youre topic about it, I uninstall AVG from my tab, and it's perfect. But now the question is ; which antivirus can I use ????
    Thanks a lot.
    Have a good day.

  • I have Kaspersky internet security latest update and windows 8.1 no luck on the firewall to repair stops half way and nothing.

  • I have Comodo antivirus and firewall and am suffering from buffering and the network dropping out can you help

  • you don't have ESET on the list

  • Can anyone there explain to me what happen to my premium package.I open videostream and was shock I longer had the premium version.

  • Is there any way we can get a ESET how to?

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