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  • B&B, Hotel, Guest House, Pubs and Serviced Apartments Advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools developed for property owners across the World. The property rental industry is highly competitive and at the same time has little to offer in terms of returns. Most of the time the owners must shell out massive amounts of commission to let out their rooms. With B&B, Hotel, Guest House, Pubs and Serviced Apartments Advertising the expensive task of commissioning is eliminated giving the owners the absolute benefit of letting out their property. Contractors accommodation

    Where owners also struggle to fill their spaces during non-seasonal periods, our advertising tool helps you to find your value through the contractor customer base that has vast potential with long-term booking promises.

    Besides flexible listing options, you can also set the availability of your space and the rules that are subject to the listing. This will make your hosting very simple. B&B, Hotel, Guest House, Pubs and Serviced Apartments Advertising has all the resources that will get your home or property ready – from choosing a price to understanding responsibilities. Tradesmen accommodation

    Benefits of using B&B, Hotel, Guest House, Pub and Serviced Apartments advertising:
    We provide advertising opportunities to bed and breakfast, houses, pubs, hotels, guest houses, and serviced apartments.

    One of the biggest advantages is that owners do not have to pay a commission over their rentals
    What you wish to charge for space is totally up to you
    Small owners do not have to worry about property stagnation
    Bookings with contractors are usually for a substantial period – this way the accommodation is always full
    Increase weekday/low season occupancy
    Set your own payment/cancellation policies for better cash flow
    Dedicated digital/online and offline marketing team to promote to target audience
    No.1 on GOOGLE and other major search engines for search terms relating to “Contractors Accommodation”
    Over 2500 Facebook followers (Once you join us we will announce your inclusion to all our followers)
    Become a part of most commonly used website for contractors accommodation service with over 1000 properties
    Have your say to improve our contractor’s accommodation service

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