Highest rated real ear measurement

  • Find the highest-rated real ear measurement service from Active Hearing Health. In today's hearing aid fitting process, real ear measurements are required. We always follow these guidelines while fitting hearing aids. This is important to know because the American Academy of Audiology estimates that only about 30% of clinics perform REMs. Because we feel REMs are critical to success, we are excited to inform our patients that REMs will be included in their fitting process! REMs are performed by inserting a probe tube microphone deep into the ear canal and measuring the sound at the eardrum. We need to know how much sound is going to the eardrum to install a hearing aid correctly. The position and size of the hearing aid, as well as the total size of the hearing aid and its vent, and the anatomy of each patient's ear canal, all affect how much sound reaches the eardrum. The measurement method enables us to treat all of those issues and ensure that the hearing aids are precisely configured for each person's hearing loss and ear canal. Hearing treatments and hearing aid fittings used to be largely comprised of a succession of beeps and noises. Our audiologists use the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies and procedures.

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