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  • Active Hearing Health provides the topmost ear specialist for their patient. We begin by thoroughly inspecting your infected ear and providing efficient treatment for a number of ear problems. From simple wax accumulation to chronic ear disease and illnesses, we treat a wide range of ear diseases. We can conduct balance tests to identify how to treat dizziness if you have it. Conductive hearing loss is a type of hearing loss caused by a lesion in the external auditory canal or middle ear, and it is a form of hearing impairment. If your middle ear isn't treated properly, fluid can build up and cause conductive hearing loss; removing the fluid usually restores normal hearing. Conduction hearing loss can be caused by a disease of the middle ear bones. This form of hearing loss is caused by a lesion in the auditory division or inner ear degradation. Previously, this condition was thought to be most dangerous in people in their forties and fifties; nevertheless, prolonged exposure to loud music can cause sensorineural hearing loss in teens. Hearing tests are always performed on children who have a history of ear infections or fluid in the middle ear. Adults with tinnitus, dizziness, or hearing loss might also benefit from our hearing testing. Many things can make you feel unstable or dizzy, including poor circulation, inner ear disease, medication use, injury, illness, allergies, and/or neurological disorder.

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