• Hunters must determine whether they will use a rifle, shotgun, or even a handgun while hunting large or small species. The barrels and ammunition used in shotguns, rifles, and handguns are the fundamental differences. Some hunters, however, believe that a 12 gauge has too much strength and prefer to use a 20 gauge for hunting small animals. Here is a few best custom firearm for hunting:

    1.Ruger No. 1 Varminter K1-V-BBZ
    2.Marlin 336XLR
    3.Nosler M48 TGR 2010
    4.Remington Model 798
    5.Shilen DGV
    6.Savage Model 12 F/TR
    7.Sauer 202 Avantgarde Grande
    8.Browning T-Bolt

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