wireless earbuds for iphone

  • $50 set of earbuds is beyond of your imagination. Super Terrific
    Super terrific! These sound amazing. I can not believe a set of $50 in-ear buds that sound fantastic, always full functional and are sweat resistant? I know iwalk power bank is very famous, I don¡¯t expect their earbuds are as sturdy as pocket juice. I went on a 3.5 mile walk the first day I had these and they never dropped for even a second. Both buds stayed paired. The sound quality was impressive and even next to a busy road I could still hear my podcast. wireless earbuds for iphone

    I was hesitant to purchase these initially, because I¡¯ve tried another earbud and they failed after 2 months, so I did not want see it repeat again. And Apple earbuds or Jabra is my first choice. Unfortunately, they claim too much bucks whick blocks me away and let me looking for more cost effective alternatives.
    I like doing yoga to keep fit and healthy. And while I am doing that, earbuds is a necessity. My older sister has the bose, but they fall out of her ears frequently. Cuz I did not have much expectation on it, yet I was shocked that these stayed secure in my ear. I don¡¯t feel they¡¯re gonna jump out of my ears. I've bent over backward and forward, I've moved my head left and right quickly. I'm digging them so far. The sound is amazing, the bass is great, I can focus on my movement while they're in and playing music.

    I'll give them a little while longer, hoping that everything stays working perfectly, but if not I'll be back to provide an update.

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