wireless earbuds with mic

  • Earbuds double as power bank
    I have been searching for ages for true wireless earbuds which is alternative to airpods but at lower price. Well look no further, these tick all the boxes! wireless earbuds with mic

    I have had these for well over half a year and they are holding up fine. It is a rarity for me to leave a review let alone give full stars. These do deserve it. For the price they are excellent. They have a very long battery life, quite stuning. I generally use them whem walking to office and on free time, and they¡¯re still battery left even after 2 weeks. And and the sound quality is very good. They have deep bass and are comfortable to wear. You don¡¯t feel too much of them. They can be controlled by tapping on the sensitive part on earbuds or your device, if you wish. Plus the pulsating blue color is very cool and attracts people's attention.

    Doubtless I¡¯ll definitely buy again if I needed to. These helped me get through a bit miserable moment in my life. I had a big friction with my tight friend of years and we¡¯re giving each other cold treatment; while I need to prepare my finan exam, and other stuff. Things just pile up. I felt anxious and depressed at that moment. As walked home in a rainy day, I saw these earbuds fall out of my pocket and bounce around in the pond water. ¡°They¡¯re dead¡±, I did not expect they¡¯ll still function, but you know what, these freaking earbuds surrived. Range is amazing. I can leave my phone in the kitchen and walk around cleaning my apartment and still be able to hear just fine without interruption. It also doubles as a battery pack. Save you from hurry when you¡¯re at the airport at 2% and need to make a call or get an Uber.

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