Need a Folder View

  • My videos are sorted by folders. I need to be able to view my folders to find the videos I want. Scanning over a long list of "all videos" isn't working for me. I rip many of my dvd's to stream. They aren't given file names, just "1.vob", 2.vob" that sort of thing. Trying to figure out what video that is would be impossible without seeing the folder that it's in.
    I've been a Premium subscriber for a year now, and there haven't been any substantial updates to the program since. No playlist on Android that we've been wanting and no "folder" view, means the program isn't exactly what I need. It has potential, but no one from the creative team has even responded to any of the comments here in quite a while.

    Hopefully Videostream will be updated as I'm excited about it's potential.

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