How To Install NVIDIA Graphics Drivers In Linux- Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora

  • This tutorial is subjected to those who have Linux installed on their desktop and want to install Nvidia graphics driver. Although, most of the newly released Linux distributions come with pre-installed Nvidia drivers, usually in form of Nouveau open-source graphics driver that supports Nvidia graphics cards. Means, if you install a Linux platform, you may require no additional drivers for your graphics card.

    But, in case if you are a game lover and want to use as possible from your Nvidia graphics card, then you might need to install official Nvidia drivers for Linux. As already mentioned, most of the Linux platfroms offer proprietary driver package as a part of its standard repository, it’s much easier to install drivers on your desktop.

    Alternatively, the users can also seek to download and install latest Nvidia Linux drivers from its official website as well. However, this require users to follow up some hands on measures.

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