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  • So, I picked up Videostream yesterday, and I already have a recommendation.

    I have quite a few files on my system that I utilize Videostream with, so much so that a playlist was virtually a requirement. The problem is that the files are spread out all over the place, in directory structures based on original language and what-not.

    I would LIKE to be able to make shortcuts from the files and put these shortcuts in all the same directory. I don't want to rename the original files, but renaming shortcuts would allow me to put the files in the order I want them played, which I could then load into Videostream with much less hassle. So, is there a way to make Videostream follow a shortcut to the original file?

  • Solved!

    I had no idea that Windows has the same capability as Unix in creating actual symbolic links, though I shouldn't be surprised that it does, seeing as both Linux and Windows' kernal are written in C.

    Long story short -- you create a hard symbolic link, rename that, then load that into Videostream's playlist. Presto.

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