Do dogs have different blood types?

  • Are there blood groups in animals as well? Do dogs have different blood groups? The simple answer to these questions is “yes”. Unlike humans, dogs do not have the human ABO blood groups. Dogs have different blood types and these differences are inherited. There blood group system is based on DAE antigens.  Like many other animals, dogs can need blood transfusion too. However, these transfusions are done on the basis of blood group proteins. Dogs are often regular blood donors. Dogs with a weight of 55 pounds or above are suitable to donate blood. Female dogs can donate blood before pregnancy because pregnancy can add different antibodies to their blood.

    Importance of Blood Types:

    The accurate grouping of blood is crucial because blood transfusion is done on the basis of blood type. If any patient receives a blood type that is not suitable, it can be fatal and lead to death in most of the cases. It is because the body of the patient starts producing antibodies against the antigens of the new antigen in the body. All of this causes reaction and rejection. Read More

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