Videostream premium not able to load subtitles off

  • I have recently encountered this problem where videostream is unable to load subtitles automatically from, which is a thing premium users get. It was working fine 2 days ago, and recently can not find subtitles for any movie, even for the ones for which it used to.

    Has anybody else faced a similar problem? is there a fix for it?


  • I have not seen a fix for it and I basically have the service for the same thing

  • Same issue with me. I have the premium version and until yesterday I had used an earlier version of the app (with Chrome v35).

    Now after upgrading to the new Chrome (v54), subtitles no longer appear. Today there are no subtitles for the same videos that had a subtitle yesterday. On the computer I see the message of not being able to load subtitles from

    What happened guys? 4 months, since first bug report, is there is no word on when it would be fixed???


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