Subtitles don't work

  • Pretty annoyed - my .srt subtitles won't load and an error message keeps coming up saying videostream only allow x,y,z formats (including .srt).

    Paid for premium and subtitles are out of sync. Tried to adjust in settings but the timing keeps moving off.

    Can the developers please comment? A few people have had problems with subtitles...

  • I paid for premium too, and it wont load subtitles from anymore at all

  • @malawolf I paid for lifetime premium too just to discover that the subtitles are way off time? It´s unbelievable. Won´t recommend this to friends unless they sort this out.

  • I think, a lot of people have faced this issue with subtitles in the recent past and looked very concerned about it. I have got australia writing and read some reviews on the official website and stunned to see that everyone is giving negative reviews about the subtitles which is very bad at all.

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