[Developer Post] Trouble Paying?? How to log out and back into chrome!

  • Google wallet has a bug in chrome apps where sometimes when you click "Checkout With Google Wallet" nothing happens!!!


    What you need to do to fix this is just log out of chrome and back in (SORRY!)

    Here's how:

    1) Open the Chrome settings


    2) Either delete your only account, or the one you are logged in with (if you have multiple logins)




    3) Confirm


    4) Log back in!


    5) Now you can pay :D


    If you're still having issues, let us know at team@getvideostream.com!!



    P.S. Thanks for going premium!! It keeps us fed and lets us work full time on making Videostream better!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’ve tried several times over the past few weeks to upgrade Videostream to a Premium account, but trying to checkout via Google wallet just causes my system to hang (or in your words “nothing happens!”).

    While this problem can likely be solved at some point, even MORE disturbing is your proposed “solution” on how to fix this problem. I’ve begun to follow the instructions in your developer post at http://community.getvideostream.com/topic/54/developer-post-trouble-paying-how-to-log-out-and-back-into-chrome, but the instructions themselves are contradictory, unclear, and most of all, worrysome. For example, your “solution first states “What you need to do to fix this is just log out of chrome and back in (SORRY!)” Yet, the very NEXT step instructs me to DELETE my Google account entirely (considerably a more drastic action than merely logging out of my account. Further, Step 3 instructs me to CONFIRM this deletion (and includes a screen shot of a confirmation screen that includes the warning “Are you sure…? This cannot be undone!”).

    For what's admittedly a very cool and useful app (thus the repeated attempts to tey to re-upgrade to the premium version), the documentation of the "solution" to the Google wallet issue is ... welll, alsmost laughable, if it weren't so annoying.

  • I think you're confused. This is asking you to "delete profile" which is not your "account". All their screenshots say as much. You delete the profile from Chrome, not your Google account. Then you re-add your Google account as a profile in Chrome.

    Please consider revising your comment because it probably causes more harm than good. Disclosure: I am in no way related to Videostream personally or professionally, I'm just a user who likes their products.

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