Support RTL subtitles

  • Hi VideoStream team,

    Keep going with your awesome work!

    The problem is that RTL subtitles is not support, so the subtitles are not seen very well.
    Could you please add subtitle configuration to support RTL/LTR option?


  • I will be more specific.

    The problem is with RTL lines that ends with punctuation character(s).
    The punctuation being presented at the beginning of each line, instead of in the end.

    For example, when loading a hebrew subtitle in Videostream, the following sentences are displayed incorrectly:
    היי, בוקר טוב.
    יש לי יום הולדת, איזה כיף!

    While it should be displayed like that:
    .היי, בוקר טוב
    !יש לי יום הולדת. איזה כיף

    The way I'm handling it right now is by downloading the subtitle, and use Subtitle Workshop to fix it: Subtitle Workshop Manual.htm#3.8.2

    But it is very annoying :(

    Dear developers, please fix this issue


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