iOS App

  • Any beta?

  • Any news on more features on the ios app? It needs the same features as the android app. I have switched from my old 1+ One to an iPhone 6s Plus... Now I miss the ability to remote control the VideoStream, starting videos on my Nas. Will this feature ever come to the ios? or do I need to have an android phone to remote control my streams?

  • CAN'T WAIT FOR THE iOS App to mirror the Android! Viewing my library from my phone will be soooo much better. As it is now my computer is in my basement so I have to go start a video down there and then I pause it, then I can lay down on my bed and start it using my iPhone. And when that video is over, I have to repeat the process. Tempted to just get a droid for this purpose alone.

  • Hi VideoStream,
    Any progression updates for us on this?
    To have full functionality on the iOS client would be a dream come true. :)

  • something new version of ios devices? Please...

  • Saw Easter egg on '30% off Sale' page about Premium members testing the new iOS app. I am VERY interested in being one of those testers!!!

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  • It seems to me that any application (if it is not specialized) should be launched on all platforms and OS at once because this way you lose part of the audience.

  • Certainly, the development of applications for mobile platforms will soon become the most common thing that will be studied at school. I think that soon school graduates will be engaged in software development at the level of In the meantime, I myself do not really understand this topic and give such tasks to professionals in this field.

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