What do you think of Expert Advisors in Forex? Is it a scam or a money-maker?

  • What do you think of Expert Advisors in Forex? Is it a scam or a money-maker?

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  • It is possible to trade Forex both manually and automatically. In the first case a trader analyzes the market situation and searches for felicitous moments to open trading positions by himself. The second option means the trader doesn't participate in the trading process. His only responsibility is to start the trading robot which analyzes the market and searches for moments to enter it by itself.

  • To choose an advicer I recommend that you use the information and rating on Forex Ratings about any expert advisor forex https://www.forex-ratings.com/forex-advisors-rating/ Here you can compare what is the difference between different companies, since the site provides many characteristics for each of them. In addition, here you can find the most favorable conditions offered by the broker. Also here you will find reviews

  • Don't be so skeptical. There are many honest people on the internet, and some of them need expert advisors that can actually help.

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