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  • Re: Why Cash app won't let me send money to a bank account separately?

    The use of certain instruments in the payment system depends on many factors. Thus, for gross settlements in real time, an electronic settlement document is required; for settlements on a clearing basis, both paper payment carriers and electronic ones are used. Payment cards, which are used in both international and domestic payment systems, occupy a special place among the instruments. The functioning of international systems involves the conclusion by banks of various countries of agreements with the owners of the system and obtaining the right to carry out operations on issue, acquiring, cashless payments using correspondent accounts opened with non-resident banks. Internal private systems include the issuance by banks of their own bank plastic cards, the implementation of acquiring on them.

    There is not only an increase in the volume of payments with their help, but also the spread on their basis of additional types of services, new trends in application, for example. For the payment system, the widespread introduction of payment cards into circulation is one of the priority areas in improving its payment system, you can also reach them out at
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