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  • Fine Art Photography is a type of photography in which the photographer shares their personal vision.That is: Fine art isn’t about representing what we see. Instead, it’s based on expressing our creative vision as a photographer.visit our fine art photography blog for more detail.

    An easy way of thinking about it?Most photographers take a photo; a fine art photographer makes a photo.Now, fine art photography still relies on basic photography considerations (such as light, color, and composition).But you, as the photographer, have to add your artistic vision to the photo.Make sense?Let’s talk about how you can take incredible fine art photos, start with.

    If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your fine art photography, don’t worry.Because there are plenty of ways of becoming inspired.My favorite?Draw inspiration from other art forms!Specifically, look at some of your favorite painters, sketch artists, or even sculptors. Take note of what you like about their work.

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