• I have bought a house and I can't imagine what to do with the bathroom. I need some ideas

  • Buy a tub, lol. I'm joking. Well, maybe check out some design magazines or go to ikea for ideas.

  • What ideas do you need? I can advise you to watch some videos on YouTube where the renovation and design of the baths are shown. I found some good videos for you, if you're interested. I can also advise you to learn more on this site in order to do the renovation correctly. Don't be shy and write more about your issue.

  • I recently bought a bath and it came with a chipped piece of ceramic. I had to make a refund and order somewhere else

  • I recently ordered a bath and a toilet. I decided to make a small repair in my bathroom, but I ran into problems. The goods were sent to me and I saw that the goods were not the same according to the declaration. I immediately wrote to them for a refund, they accepted it, but still sent it. Efaucets return policy is strange.

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