What is the Darker Side of Internet called Dark Web?

  • Do you know that the content of the information you surf on the internet is just 4% of the total internet available? You might wonder what happens to the rest. The remaining 96% of the internet comprises the Deep Web and the Dark Web. You can consider the whole situation as the glacier in the ocean for instance. The part of the glacier that is visible can be compared to the surface web (the internet access made available to the common people that is 4%). The surface web comprises several search engines like Google, Bing, etc. On the contrary, the remaining portion of the glacier that remains submerged in the ocean can be considered as the Deep Web and the Dark Web (composed of the remaining 96% of the total internet).

    The dark web, as you might know by now, is the hidden part of the mainstream internet and is generally termed to be the illegal hub. Since it aids in the growth and prosperity of various illicit activities, there is a huge possibility of getting into specific dangerous or hazardous incidences. In this article, we have made sure to jot down some of the probable threats in the dark web that you may encounter so that you can stay safe or be ready before you access the dark web. The website has .onion as an extension and has “robot.txt” so that Google cannot crawl these websites. The website can be private websites, chat rooms, and intranets. Most of the Darknet websites are used for illegal and unlawful purposes where all kinds of information are available, markets that sell products that are banned and this is because the movements cannot be tracked and provide full anonymity to its users.

    accessing the dark web is not illegal or a criminal offense. What makes accessing the dark web a criminal offense is when you involve yourself in illegal activities such as unlawful betting/gambling, trading illegal guns or drugs, and any other related stuff. Dark web and deep web can be utilized for other reasons, retain anonymity, and gain access to some critical information that otherwise stands difficult. There are several ways in which you can safely access the dark web with proper cybersecurity that you must be aware of before entering the darknet or the .onion links.

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