What have you done to my subtitles ? :(

  • I liked them !
    I mean, I appreciate your efforts to try to improve my english, but still; my VOST files seems a bit naked without their ST ...
    Was working superduper fine until yesterday, and kaboom ... no files have subtitles anymore !
    (subtitles are encoded within videofile)

    I miss them ... Can I have them back please? Pretty please ?
    I'll even do a post on 9gag for you !

  • A similar thing happened to me as well. I was watching anime fine last week with subtitles but when I tried to watch this week's episode the subtitles are not appearing anymore. I do not know if there was an update to video stream. Help please. March 3, 2016

  • In my case, the subtitles are cut off. They are far below the screen, and I can barely read it. I know that the paid version there is the possibility to choose the subtitle position, but there has to be a possibility for the free version. I had to stop using the VideoStream, and I started using the Plex this week. I hope this is fixed soon.

  • I'm having the exact same issue, video files were playing subtitles perfectly up until 3 days ago now they don't appear at all or IF they do it gets stuck on the first one "Previously on..." which stays on screen while the video keeps playing. Anyne know what is going on here???

  • Same here... When i try to add a subtitle it says I can only add subtitles smaller than 1 Mb in size... though the file is only 50-something kb :(

  • @MJDRUMM Same thing is happening to me. If you pause and continue it will show the next subtitle (and then stay stuck on that).

    EDIT: Uninstalling videostream and reinstalling it fixed it.

  • @joaopaulonovo Exactly the same problem, did exactly the same as u did[going back to plex]. For me, the subtitle problem only appears in Aspect ratio stretch mode. Emailed them couple of times with the actual footage of the problem, still it has not been fixed.... 😞

  • OP was on March 3rd, 2016...and not one answer? Support+Help...riiiiight...

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