How to properly ride an electric scooter

  • If you are a beginner, learn to operate an electric scooter on a flat, dry road. The scooter can be driven in wet weather, but driving through puddles is still not recommended.

    Not all scooter models are equipped with rear-view mirrors. It is better when they are there - if you have to make some maneuvers, the driver will be more convenient to monitor the situation on the road, he will not have to look back.

    If there is no garage and the scooter is on the street, without a canopy, use a cover that will protect the vehicle from rain and moisture.

    It's better to ride an e-scooter with protection, especially when you're learning. When falling, the elbows and knees are usually the first to suffer, elbow pads and knee pads will help in an extreme situation. Be sure to wear a helmet.

  • I also like electric transport, I want to buy an electric bike, I will ride it to the suburban area on weekends, while I collect money. An electric scooter is also a good thing, but it is more suitable for simple riding. Although modern electric scooters are also quite powerful.

  • Driving a scooter is the prerogative of the younger generation who like to move quickly and feel a certain freedom while driving. Riding a scooter looks pretty straightforward, but you shouldn't take it too lightly - it leads to negative and sometimes sad consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a set of rules that will help you learn how to ride a moped and perform all movements correctly.

  • There are many videos to help you learn how to ride a scooter. But still, knowledge of the theory will help you cope with difficult situations that never arise on the road. How to drive a scooter so as not to face the unpleasant consequences of driving such a simple but sometimes dangerous vehicle.

  • The scooter that you decide to constantly use must undergo technical inspections in order to exclude undesirable consequences during the period of active use. In this case, it is not worth saving, since the health of the driver very often depends on the condition and quality of the vehicle. To begin with, it is worth remembering that the maneuverability of the vehicle directly depends on the correct and high-quality technical condition of the moped.

  • Mopeds and scooters are a popular means of transportation around the city and beyond. Can drive over rough terrain on dirt roads and roads with steep inclines. They are maneuverable and have small dimensions; they can be easily parked almost anywhere. Outwardly they resemble motorcycles but have design features. But if you do not follow the simple rules, the moped can easily hit the curbs and collide with other vehicles or pedestrians. Sometimes there are dangerous drifts and even a fall of the driver. When your successful movement is over, it is recommended to turn off the engine. Pay attention to the place for future parking. Professionals advise against leaving your scooter on slopes or on poor road surfaces. Lots of videos tell you how to drive a scooter. One of the most important points is the passage of turns of any complexity and maneuverability. There are many myths and misconceptions, but professionals give clear advice that will help you to correctly and efficiently drive a scooter ibike Calculate in advance the trajectory along which you will enter the turn. Adjust the speed to the level you want. If the speed is too high, the likelihood of a decrease in traction characteristics increases, start maneuvers in moderation. Compliance with these rules allows you to properly control the scooter at the time of the bend.

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