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  • Problem: Netflix black screen issue in PC
    These are the main and most common Netflix problems users faced on several devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices, gaming consoles, and PC. If you face any kind of issue while streaming then it is always suggested to check the internet connection first and then go ahead with other fixing methods to solve any issue.
    This issue is specific to PC or computer which is faced due to various reasons. What happens here is the screen of the PC or computer goes black entirely leaving you unable to do anything. Here are the fixes for this issue.

    • First, visit this site which is for Netflix Cookies clearing. It will automatically sign you out of the app and removes some files from the PC. Once the cookies are cleared, open Netflix again and sign in.
    • If the first step does not work out for you, close the browser completely and then try streaming something.
    • In case you are using IE or Safari, try using Chrome or Firefox to see will it work in another browser.
    • The Silver light plug-in is to be deleted from the computer for a better result.
    • Also, if you are using an antivirus which is invalid, it might be a cause of this Netflix issue. So, what you need to do is, update the antivirus immediately.
    We are mainly focusing on solving all types of issues. So, we are trying to solve these issues. These services are round a clock. We have an Expert Technical, Staff for you. If you have any problem please click this link Netflix Support Number Australia Call us: 1-800-431-401
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