What is Alma Laser?

  • Eliminating unwanted hair really is an age-old dilemma, with long-term baldness being especially challenging. Individuals who suffer with excessive hair used to experience long and painful hours of waxing and plucking. Regrettably, these methods are now rather obsolete with modern laser technologies.

    Alma Laser has developed a method that utilizes groundbreaking technology to supply an easy, one-stop remedy for really effective epilation.SHE's unique slow heating system effectively damages the hair follicles while preventing harm to the skin. The sweeping In-motionTM shipping process retains the laser in continuous motion ensuring complete coverage of the treated region. The enhanced coverage helps professionals avoid undesirable effects such as"Zebra stripes" related to elderly, stationary procedures.

    We empower practitioners to provide safe and effective processes while enabling patients to benefit from innovative, scientifically established technology and remedies.Alma's SHR patent is contained in all its laser epilation devices. That is mainly because virtually painless therapy, aggressive supplies from professionals and demonstrated results make it a simple option. Countless women and men across the globe of all ages opt to undergo laser hair removal done. These areas consist of big ones such as the back, legs, hair, abdomen and torso. Small and delicate regions can also be curable -- Bikini, neck, face, underarms and much more.

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