Factors for assessing essay

  • Most of the essays are written as an academic exercise, and it is important to strike a balance between form and content. Many students find it very difficult to write essays on their own and are forced to apply write my essay cheap to specialized companies such as Write My Essay. In order not to be trapped, we must remember that the evaluation is done using several factors. Let’s list them.

    The content of essays. An assessor evaluates if you have understood and formulated the problem of the essay. Не also looks if you have commented the problem without factual errors related to its understanding.


    If you have quoted somebody on the chosen topic, you have to reflect the position of the author’s original text commenting an issue. You also have to express an opinion on the issue stated by you, agree or disagree with the position of the author’s text (if essay is written about certain author’s work), arguing and citing at least two arguments, one of which is taken from the artistic, journalistic or scientific literature.

    Deliberately losing options:

    – To present your own position on the matter raised at the household level, without argument,

    – To ignore problem disclosing or information that doesn’t lie in context of essay giving (the facts of social life or personal experience).

    Essays are usually not assessed for the position, but for the credibility of the arguments. However, the position should be clearly marked absolutely all essay writer think so.

    Speech processing works. Here semantic integrity, voice connectivity and sequence of presentation are evaluated: the lack of logical errors and violations of the indention of dividing the text. The accuracy and expressiveness of speech, a variety of grammatical structure of speech are also taken into account.

    Literacy. Compliance with spelling, punctuation and grammar rules, absence of errors are factors to evaluate essay as well. Propriety and compliance with the factual accuracy of the background material are necessary for receiving a good mark for an essay. If you are interested in this post, I advise you to definitely visit the site https://writemyessay.nyc, which contains a large amount of useful information.

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