Is Trisodium Phosphate in Food Bad for You?

  • There is growing concern surrounding the safety of food additives, which are used to prolong shelf life, enhance flavor and improve texture.Trisodium phosphate is a common food additive found in many types of processed items like cereals, cheeses, soda and baked goods.While the FDA considers it safe, some evidence suggests that phosphate additives like trisodium phosphate may harm your health (1Trusted Source).This article investigates whether trisodium phosphate poses a risk to your health.

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    Sodium phosphate refers to a group of phosphorus-derived food additives.These additives are made by combining different combinations of sodium (salt) and inorganic phosphate, a phosphorus-derived chemical compound.Phosphorus is an important mineral that is naturally found in foods like milk, beans, meat, fish, eggs, poultry and nuts.

    This type of natural phosphorus is known as organic phosphorus and essential for bone health, cellular repair, muscle contraction and nerve function, among other vital processes (2Trusted Source).

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