How to recover hacked twitter account

  • If you use social media in your daily life then you must know that how important is your social media handles, sometimes hackers try to hack your account and they also succeed.
    Today i will tell you how you can recover your hacked Twitter account.
    Read this article to know-how:- recover hacked twitter account

  • My marketing requires the promotion of likes on Twitter. What can you advise me?

  • Not many users on Twitter need likes, but they can pursue different goals. Personally, my Twitter account is dedicated to regional news that does not go on TV. When I started my activity on Twitter, I was on the service to start I bought myself a few likes on the posts I wrote. Someone will say that this is wrong and will not help, but no one has canceled the herd instinct that people have. Twitter suits me very well as a journalist, because for a long time it was known as the social network with the healthiest discussions on the Internet. It is a service without borders and prejudices that still unites users all over the world, allows them to speak openly and find like-minded people. The main thing in promoting business on Twitter is to make a step-by-step plan and follow it. That is exactly what I did, I started with optimization, then I bought a package with likes and the account became very popular regionally.

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