How to write an argumentative essay?

  • Speaking of high school argumentation essays above, be sure to take the following steps steadily, namely structural transformation, conceiving into the grid, and bonding skills. So this article will explain in detail the specific writing of these steps.

    The structure of argumentation

    Arguing essays, analysing objective facts, and expounding great principles, it is natural to follow certain laws of logical thinking; this kind of laws of logical thinking is reflected in the external shape of the article content, that is, the structure of the article content with a certain yoga posture. How to write an argumentative essay is considered "transfiguration"?

    One is based on the general way of thinking of discussing difficult problems, which should be composed of three major parts: "asking questions, analyzing problems, and solving difficulties" (or "Introduction", "Basic Theory", and "Basis"). " Ask a question" means that the argument of the management center should be uniquely and clearly put forward at the beginning of the argument.

    "Analysis of the problem" means that the analysis and discussion should be focused on the argument of the management center in the middle of the content of the article. The last part of the article either calculates a comprehensive basis or explicitly puts forward innovative expectations and so on. Everyone knows this point, but I won't elaborate on it here.

    The second is to analyze the difficult problem, which is a part of this theory, which should be explained in a certain level. To put it plainly "dimension" means to explain the direction of progress. This "dimension" has four: what, why, how, and what fruit.

    Under normal circumstances, for a primary and middle school student's argumentative essay, part of the main theory can be selected from one or two of these four dimensions. But no matter from which direction it is carried out, there must be a certain connection between the sub-arguments. Generally speaking, there are three types: side-by-side, step-by-step and contrast.


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    Side-by-side, that is, close to the management center, enumerate multiple sub-arguments from the same dimension, and discuss them one by one. If you only write closely around one dimension, most of the interrelationships between multiple sub-arguments are parallel.

    So keep your contemplations fundamental and reviews.

    The step- by-step structure is compared with the side-by-side structure. Except for the fact that the actual meaning of the argument is different, the structure of the article paragraph is the same as the side-by-side structure, which has not been discussed.

    Contrastive style is to start with the pros and cons of the viewpoint, carry out pros and cons to compare the argument and draw conclusions. Its advantage is that the structure is simple, the discussion is sufficient, and it is easy to get started.

    A very simple comparison is that after clearly presenting the opinions, one section discusses the opinions from the opposite side, the other section discusses the opinions from the back, and finally draws a conclusion.

    There is also a comparative structure that is elaborated on the opposite side or presented as a factual argument, followed by a turning point or hypothetical method to explain it from the back.

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