7 summer plants that you can adopt in your home

  • The arrival of summer will undoubtedly fill your new apartment with light and warmth. Although for us that is a factor that excites us, your plants could be affected by the change in temperature. What you least want is that these decline in the following months. Therefore, you must select the most resistant species for the current season.

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    Do you know which are the best summer plants for the interiors of your home? In the following article we offer you a list of the most suitable species.

    1.- Begonias

    We start the list of plants for the summer with one of the most versatile alternatives you will find. Begonias are prized for their showy flowers, wide color range, and great ability to thrive in both sun and shade.

    These tend to bloom during the summer and continue to appear until the onset of winter. You have different alternatives: options with red, white, pink, orange and yellow petals. In addition, they are super flexible, adapt to different types of containers and withstand water shortage well.

    2.- Geraniums

    These are hardy plants that love the sun, so they cope very well with hot and dry summer conditions. Like the previous alternative, they offer you a good range of colors: you can choose between red, white, lilac, pink or burgundy flowers.

    While geraniums are usually placed primarily in pots, it is possible to find some climbing varieties. In addition, you also have the possibility of placing them in hanging pots. Without a doubt, these full sun summer flowers are a great way to add some color to your home.

    3.- Antirrhinum

    This is a species of summer flower that is prized for its striking appearance and long flowering period. As it is a good source of nectar, you will undoubtedly receive the constant visit of butterflies, which will give new life to the decoration of your balcony or the green space within your home.

    As for their appearance, they are plants that grow steeply with dozens of colorful buttons that appear along the stem. Although these can be quite high, you can find them in different sizes: from 25 cm to larger alternatives that reach 90 cm.

    4.- Portulacas

    It is an ornamental plant that offers beautiful and colorful flowers. However, their main benefit is that they can survive a longer time without water, which is quite good during the summer.

    You can place these flowers in a space where they receive full sun and give them a slow but constant watering. Portulacas appreciate both heat and humidity, so they are perfect for cities where summer has high levels of humidity in the environment.

    5.- Petunias

    This is one of the summer season plants with the most exuberant hues you will find. In fact, petunias are famous for displaying striking color combinations within a single flower, which is shown by beautiful patterns on their petals.

    Although you will find different colors, most of these offer you purple, lilac and lavender hues in combination with white and yellow tones. On the other hand, like geraniums, there are some petunias that are well suited to pots and others that can climb different structures.

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    6.- Lantanas

    If you came looking for flowering plants all summer , lantana is an alternative that will not be harmed by the arrival of this season. In addition, it not only adapts to heat, but also to poor watering, in fact you can forget to give it water occasionally and it will continue to grow without problems.

    It has abundant small flowers in pink, yellow and orange tones that will fill your environments with life. Although this is usually a common option in gardens, it is possible to place lantanas in pots to which they will get used without problems.

    7.- Lobelias

    Lobelias offer delicate flowers that, in large numbers, create a colorful waterfall in shades of purple, white, and lavender. For this reason, the ideal is to place them as hanging plants in pots in high points of the house. In general, it is a fairly simple alternative to take care of that adapts without problems to the sun and the summer climate.

    Now you know the best indoor plants that you can integrate into your home during the summer. Do you plan to acquire any of these? Select the species that best combine with your decoration and you will make your home look renewed.

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