Know the best summer colors for home

  • For many people, summer is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, as it manages to convey optimism and joy. Wouldn't you like the environments of your apartment in Lima to offer the same effect? That is super easy with the right choice of summer colors.

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    Do you want to know what are your best alternatives for the warmer months of the year? Well, in the following article we show you the main colors of summer 2021 .

    1.- Beige

    You can be sure that with a pale shade of beige in your home you will feel as if you are on vacation in a Caribbean resort surrounded by clear sand and turquoise sea. As it is a neutral tone, you have the possibility of combining it with different colors without major difficulties.

    In addition, it is a very subtle hue and can be the perfect background for furniture, art and other items with more cheerful and intense colors. Also, a light shade of beige will contrast well with bright accents while adding a bit of warmth to the room.

    2.- Celeste

    This is a summer color intimately associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. In addition, being a derivative of blue, the sky blue will give your home a touch of peace and tranquility.

    Perhaps summer is particularly strong in your home, in which case using light blue will create an environment with a fresher appearance. The main rooms where you can apply it are the living room or bedrooms, but it works well in almost any space.

    3.- Coral

    It is a color that mixes pink and orange and creates a tone that evokes the beauty of the corals that adorn the seabed. It is a tone full of contrasts, since it can be both soft and vibrant and will stand out no matter the room in which you apply it.

    In terms of its properties, coral evokes femininity, creates a fresh and invigorating environment, and will give your home a touch of tropical exuberance. Without a doubt, the best room to apply this color is the living room and combine it with neutral tones and sand.

    4.- Sage green

    It is a very light shade of green that borders on gray. Such a curious combination results in a color that can be calming, fresh and that complements well with many other shades, whether you are looking for an eye-catching decoration or want a more reserved and subtle appearance.

    For example, sage green offers you the possibility of combining it with shades derived from white and obtaining well-lit environments that feel free. Similarly, you can use it alongside dark wood tones to create a contrast and balance cool and warm tones.

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    5.- Cobalt blue

    It is a fairly flexible color that can be daring, but also playful. However, one of its most attractive features is that it is a cool shade, so it will create a visual balance when the temperature rises.

    Also, if you know the psychology of colors , then you should know that blue tones have a calming effect on people. Therefore, it is a good idea to apply it in rooms such as the living room or office to give a touch of tranquility to the places where there is more stress.

    6.- The pastel tones

    You can take colors like lilac or light peach and blend them in your spaces to evoke a summer feel that lasts all year long. The best part is that pastel shades don't usually go out of style no matter what season you are in.

    To make better use of these, we advise you to contrast them with some very light touches of dark colors such as navy blue. The best point to add this type of contrast in the room are the sofa cushions.

    7.- Shades of yellow

    What color can better evoke the vibrancy and joy of summer than yellow? Being quite clear, it reflects natural light, which will help you have good lighting inside the house. Ok, it is true that it is a fairly intense color, so you should use it in small quantities.

    We recommend that you paint only one wall of the room in this tone in order to highlight that point. Your best option is to combine it with soft neutral tones so that yellow takes center stage without saturating the room.

    Now you know some of the best fashion colors in summer . Are you planning to apply any of these in your home? Choose the tone that you like the most and renew the appearance of your home.

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