How to take care of your pet during the summer

  • Summer motivates us to go out for a walk and enjoy the renewed sunlight. However, excessive heat can affect the health of your pet, especially if you plan to go for a walk with it. The characteristics and needs of animals are different from those of human beings. Perhaps the temperature in your new apartment seems very pleasant, but it could be unbearable for a dog or a cat.

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    Fortunately, there are some measures that can help you make your four-legged friend fully enjoy this season. At Nexo Inmobiliario we offer you some tips to take care of your pet during the summer.

    1.- Give them plenty of water and shade

    Dehydration in pets is quite common during the summer. Dogs tend to be much more thirsty than we are during the warmer months of the year. Therefore, the first of the tips to take care of your dog or cat is to always keep your home well ventilated and give them access to fresh water, especially if you leave the house.

    Also, during the warmer months, you can choose to give your pet wet food to increase the amount of water they ingest. When you take him out for a walk, keep your dog in the shade most of the time. Direct contact with the sun could overheat them and cause heat stroke.

    2.- Recognize the signs

    The regular temperature of dogs and cats is around 37 and 38 degrees. So when it exceeds such levels, your pet is in some danger. Keep in mind that some animals drink water and pant to regulate their temperature, since they do not sweat like we do.

    The following symptoms indicate possible overheating:

    • Dry or red gums

    • Unstable legs

    • Heavy panting

    • Profuse salivation

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    If your pet shows symptoms of heat exhaustion, take her to a cool place, give her water to drink, place a damp towel over her body, and take her to the vet quickly. Do not immerse it in cold water, as it may shock you.

    3.- Never leave your pet in the car

    Many animals love to travel by car, but they do not enjoy being locked in when the temperature outside is too high. Many people believe that leaving the dog in the car for a few minutes is nothing serious.

    However, in just 10 minutes your dog or cat could suffer a heatstroke. If you must go to the grocery store on a particularly hot day, let someone stay in the car with your pet, or else just don't take it.

    4.- Apply sunscreen

    Believe it or not, cats and dogs can get sunburned, especially those with very short hair. Also, as with people, this could lead to skin cancer in animals.

    If you plan to go out with your pet in the sun, another tip to take care of a dog or cat is to apply a layer of sunscreen every 3 or 4 hours in the areas where they have less fur: the belly, ears and nose . Only use sunscreens specially designed for animals.

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    5.- Do not shave your pet

    Some people believe that the best solution to reduce the heat in their pet during the summer is to shave it. However, the fur of the animals is carefully designed to keep them cooler in the summer and warm in the winter.

    You can trim their fur a bit, but shaving them is not recommended. To take care of your pet from the heat, always try to leave at least an inch of fur to protect your dog or cat from the sun.

    6.- Pay attention to the hours of the walk

    If you have a dog, try taking him out for a walk during the early hours of the morning or late at night. Never do it during the middle of the day as the summer heat and exercise will overheat it. Once outside, take breaks in the shade and always have water available.

    7.- keep their paws cool

    Animals are heated and cooled from the bottom up. If you walk your pet in the sun, try to keep it away from hot surfaces like concrete or asphalt. These can not only burn their legs, but also increase the temperature of their bodies.

    It's also not a good idea to leave your dog in the hopper of your car, as the metal will heat up his paws quickly. If you carry a spray to spray your pet with water when you go out, be sure to apply it to his paws and stomach to regulate his temperature quickly.

    If you can't take her out for a walk in the morning or at night, then you should buy pet footwear. These are comfortable items for animals and will protect their paws from burns from the midday sun.

    If you put these tips to take care of your pet into practice , your four-legged friend will undoubtedly be able to fully enjoy the summer.

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