Video keeps sticking

  • Since the new updates I have been having trouble with the casting of films or tv shows, they all keep sticking its got to the point where I don't use chromcast have gone back to transferring them to USB and then watch them. Having read some of the forums it seems to be a problem that hasn't been resolved can we revert back to the old Video stream please until you fix this problem.

  • @fishslice Hey There!

    Really sorry about this - we're hustiling as hard as we can to get to the bottom of this - and i promise we will crack this nut. What would be super helpful is if I could get a bit of info on the video(s) that are stuttering from you!

    We really need to be able to reproduce this issue, but unfortuntely no one has been able to share this with us yet so it's been really hard to figure out what's going on!

    TLDR: Be the hero of videostream v2.0 and let us know where we can get the video you're having issues with (totally cool with getting it over email if privacy is a concern)

  • Just download any video from youtube and before the complete movie ;plays it will stop.
    Sometimes videostreaming starts and sometimes it just sits there and then i look at where it stopped streaming but the time is still going so i have to move the poorly functioning cursor back. I try to get mp4 videos from youtube but sometimes i get flv but they seem to play just as well as the mp4 ones. I hate to decrease the quality as these are old film noir movies I am watching but it happens with newer movies also.

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