What are some startup co-founder "dating" sites?

  • What are some startup co-founder "dating" sites? Looking for some technical background

  • First thing you can do is to post, everywhere like on your LinkedIn, facebook, instagram wherever it is possible. Describe what you are planning to and mention that you are looking for a person with same enthusiasm. Many will like, comment but only a few will respond to your status. They will directly message you their views on that and will ask you directly about they as your co-founder. Treat them, listen to them and if you find any of them, just go ahead with them.

    Second thing you can do is to promote your idea or product to various programs, social networking events, where a lot of people came and visit and there is a strong chance that you can find your co-founder for sure

  • Personally I would rather recommend to start form reading this article containing all about finding a technical cofounder https://freshcodeit.com/freshcode-post/chief-technology-officer-role. Believe me I know what I am talking about. It helped my firm a lot to become one of the most successful in the region. Simply have a look ad be aware of all possible peculiarities. Hope it can help

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