seeking issue on large vid

  • Hello all, I just sent this same thing to team@getvideostream, sorry.

    My message:

    I'm seeing problems seeking through a vid I'm watching.
    If I drag the slider, say from 30mins to 15mins, it goes back by only 5mins.
    If I hit the back-30s button it actually jumps forward by 10mins.

    I'm running it/chrome on a win7 vm which is accessing the video file over the network. Playback is flawless, just the seeking is messed up.

    This appears to be related to vid file size (2h show).. I dont see this on a different smaller one.

    Can provide any more info you'd like.



    p.s. the video file is shared via samba from a centos vm on the same esxi server that hosts the videostream win vm so theres not much network between the two

  • No related to the size, but rather a bad encode. Usually seeking issues are related to the player requiring a keyframe to go to. If your video was made with very few keyframes then moving from one to the next may span many minutes. Try another copy of the movie? If it is something you ripped, use another program to rip it.

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