best backpacks for graduate school

  • Looking for the best backpacks for graduate school that is mature, stylish and campus ready? We did the research to find the best backpacks that will fit the needs of even the busiest grad student.In addition to our favorite backpacks, we also list a few brands that offer great grad school backpack options - including some top budget picks!

    The transition from college to grad school is definitely not an easy deal. College has its own demands and requirements, but grad school is on a whole new level.As trivial as a backpack might seem, it can make your transit easy and less trouble-filled. In this article, I will list the top 10 best backpacks for grad school. I will also be pointing out things to consider when getting a backpack for grad school.

    We’ve been reviewing backpacks at Wirecutter for years, looking at hundreds of backpacks and testing dozens of them across a variety of styles and situations, and we’ve pulled together our findings to create these recommendations for high school and college students. Some of these choices are bags we looked at specifically for this guide whereas others are recommendations selected from our other bag guides, but all of them have been thoroughly tested by Wirecutter staff.

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