• For many business owners wondering how to increase sales , it is very frustrating to see the marketing and sales teams not working in sync. For years I was one of them.

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    Later, I realized that sales were not using the content that the marketing team was generating, and that more than half of those resources were forever forgotten in emails and shared folders, without generating a single weight of utility.

    It is not about pointing the finger at one or the other team. Conflicts between marketing and sales have been around forever.

    In the world of B2B business, content is essential to capture interest and educate leads with our solution. If sales don't have access to the right information at the right time to send to your most valuable prospects, you can easily lose their attention and any chance of closing a deal.

    What can you do about it? I suggest you evaluate these 4 practical tips that you can implement so that marketing helps sales to close more and better deals in 2017:

    1. Align yourself around your buyer personas

    The first step that I consider essential is that buyer personas are developed by marketing and sales together.

    This development is necessary for both of you to understand who you are selling to, what your interests are, and what topics you have to develop content on.

    They should also have a joint understanding of the Buyer's Journey . Once both teams understand what the customer's needs, questions, and objections are, it will be easier to anticipate them with content.

    1. Show Sales where to find content

    The sales team can't use content to close sales if they don't even know it exists. Among all the tasks a sales rep has, staying on top of what marketing is posting is seldom a top priority.

    For a sales strategy to be aligned with the work that marketing is doing, I recommend working on explaining to the sales team how each piece of content they generate fits into the Buyer's Journey and how it can help them have more meaningful conversations with their prospects.

    1. Let your sellers modify the content

    In order for sales reps to stand out from a sea of ​​competitors, they must demonstrate that they fully understand their customer's current situation.

    It is important that the Marketing team includes the generation of customizable templates in the digital strategy so that sales can adapt the content to the specific needs of each prospect.

    1. Promote feedback

    For a lead generation strategy to work, it's not enough to just launch a campaign and forget about it.

    Marketing should be receiving constructive feedback on the communication that is being generated and sales should open the communication channel to request content that helps them resolve doubts or concerns from customers.

    Don't forget: only through effective communication between these two teams will you be able to shorten sales cycles and increase closings this year.


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